lentil walnut veggie burgers

well, bar studying officially begins today, so i will keep this short!


you may be getting sick of all the coconut-centric recipes around here. somehow, i’m not. i like to think it’s in my dna as a maharashtrian. (along with putting chips on my sandwiches. every time. is this just an indian thing? or an everybody thing?) (shout out to my bff nirms who first opened my eyes to how much better food tastes with a little crunch!)

anyway, these veggie burgers are filling, they’re chock full of vegetables, and unlike many burger recipes, this one doesn’t require a food processor. also- it’s soy and dairy free!


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tropical pineapple, coconut & carrot salad

well hello there! remember me? sorry for neglecting you guys over the past month. i’ve thought about blogging nearly every day and i’ve appreciated the wonderful feedback/blogger awards you have graciously nominated me for during my absence!

now that i’m done with law school (!!!!!! finally, right?) and i’m back at home in phoenix, i’ve been cooking up a storm and trying to nourish my soul before bar exam studying begins. i ate out out a LOT during finals this semester- which was fun in some ways because there’s a lot of really good food in tucson and i wanted to take advantage/soak it all up before i left for good :( one such place is Lovin Spoonfuls vegan restaurant (which i raved about in this post). they make a mean carrot salad that i set out to recreate. it’s a perfect summer dessert, and is so easy to make!

first, shred some carrots. this is the only tedious step, i promise. (you can also just buy shredded carrots.)


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sun dried tomato and flax pesto sauce

guys, this recipe is really easy. like, easy enough for those just-came-home-from-school-starving-and-need-to-put something-in-my-stomach-ASAP-but-shoot-my-fridge-is-empty moments.


and since my graduation countdown is now at 29 days (!!), operation pantry-clean out is well under way. somehow over the past few months i’ve managed to collect 8 unopened boxes of pasta. (further evidence of my food hoarding problem….) so i figured i should probably start working on that. use 8 boxes of pasta in 29 days? challenge accepted.


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vegan chocolate chip almond scones



As you may have guessed from the name of this blog, I’m a tea-drinking kind of gal. You know what goes perfectly with afternoon (or morning) tea? Scones.

I set out on a mission last week to make a butter-less scone. And to my surprise, I found that coconut oil did the trick!


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