easy spinach juice


Well, this is hardly a recipe. But I’m going to share it with you anyway.

This juice is such a wonderfully easy way to eat some fruits and veggies if you’re in the mood for something raw/fresh but feel too lazy to make a whole salad.


My favorite combination is spinach + one apple, one pear, and one medium-ripe banana. Toss the goods into a vitamix with a little water and blend blend blend.


I know the idea of drinking a glass of spinach sounds gross, but the banana saves the day here. You can hardly taste the spinach, and the pear and apple add natural sweetness, so you don’t need any additional sugar.


This “juice” is thick and has more of a smoothie-like consistency. Some people use a strainer or cheese cloth to strain out the foam, but I think you lose out on all that yummy fiber. Your colon will thank you.

The juice gets increasingly thick the longer it sits, so I recommend you drink it while it’s fresh!

Easy Spinach Juice


Handful of washed organic spinach

1 apple, core removed

1 pear, core removed

1 medium-ripe banana

Put all ingredients into a vitamix with 1/4-1/2 glass of water and blend until smooth.

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