two foodies conquer… boston

I spent a few days visiting this guy last weekend:

photo 20-57-48

Over the past few years V and I have really enjoyed exploring vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Boston. I’ll admit, once we find a place we love, we go there over and over and over again until we’re basically too embarrassed to show our faces there anymore. This time, we tried to branch out a tad. (And by that, I mean we tried not to eat at Veggie Galaxy for every single meal.) So I present you with a few reviews of veg-friendly places in the city…

We first went to Mission Sushi and Wok where we ordered an avocado roll and the bim bim bap. The sushi was good (can you really mess up an avocado roll?) but the bimbimbap…ohmyyyygoddd. So spicy. Inedibly spicy. Even V had a hard time with it and he has a pretty high spice tolerance. The waitress was kind enough to bring out some steamed tofu to mix in to reduce the spice level, but that wasn’t enough to make it palatable. Ugh. I was very annoyed.


The bimbimbap:


Another place we checked out was My Thai Vegan Cafe in Chinatown. This was our second time there, and this place is all about bubble tea and fake meat. We shared an appetizer of wontons, the sweet and sour chicken, and an avocado bubble tea. All were amazingggg. Especially the wontons. They were melt-in-your-mouth good. The bubble teas have consistently been good too (we got strawberry last time). In terms of entrées, we’ve only ever ordered “chicken” but I kinda think you can’t go wrong with anything on this menu.




For dessert one night, we went to the Afghani restaurant, Helmand, and got the Kaddo. V loves this stuff. This is an extremely unflattering picture of it in a styrofoam take out box, so it doesn’t do justice to how tasty this thing is. It’s basically pan-fried sweetened pumpkin with a dollop of garlicky yogurt sauce. The whole salty-sweet thing is really comforting. The last time we went there for dinner, we ordered the kaddo as well as the vegetarian special entrée, which we both liked. Plus the bread they bring out in the beginning is ridiculously yummy. The ambience of this place is pretty classy (I felt dumb walking in there with our backpacks on… lol), but the food is worth it in my opinion. Also it’s owned by Mahmoud Karzai, brother of Hamid Karzai (president of Afghanistan)… interesting right?


Another place I looove and am currently obsessed with: Life Alive. Everything on their menu is so simple and wholesome- mostly they offer these warm bowls that have some combination of grains, kale/other veggies, and miso/flax/shoyu-based sauces. We’ve been there several times so far, and there’s nothing we’ve ordered that we haven’t liked. Some dishes are better than others though- our current favorites are The Adventurer and The Swami. I always go in thinking that I could make any of their menu items at home for half the price, but the secret is in their sauces. If anyone is able to crack the code and figure out their recipe, um, lemme know plz!


And that’s a wrap! I clearly ate my heart out last weekend. And didn’t open a text book once. A pretty good vacation in my book :)


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