lentil walnut veggie burgers

well, bar studying officially begins today, so i will keep this short!


you may be getting sick of all the coconut-centric recipes around here. somehow, i’m not. i like to think it’s in my dna as a maharashtrian. (along with putting chips on my sandwiches. every time. is this just an indian thing? or an everybody thing?) (shout out to my bff nirms who first opened my eyes to how much better food tastes with a little crunch!)

anyway, these veggie burgers are filling, they’re chock full of vegetables, and unlike many burger recipes, this one doesn’t require a food processor. also- it’s soy and dairy free!


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quinoa chickpea salad with lemon tahini dressing

Hello hello! Somehow another week has flown by. Spring break is around the corner, and graduation is in less than 2.5 months. Eek. Where is time going?


After a family-filled weekend in San Diego where I ate one too many buttery, chocolatey cookies, I felt like eating something nice and light this week. This simple quinoa salad was deliciouslly light yet filling, and it came together in minutes (though I did have to make a special grocery trip for some ingredients that I don’t usually buy).


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