vegan apricot apple cake


Ok. So this cake isn’t the easiest on your eyes. But I promise it will not disappoint your taste buds.

This is yet another recipe I’ve stolen from my sister and brother in law. They came across this apple cake recipe on NYTimes that had an obscene amount of oil and sugar. They healthified it and I made a minor substitution for the ingredients I had on hand. The result was delightful.


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tofu scramble


This breakfast is a HUGE step up from what I’ve been eating every day for the past four years- Kashi Go Lean with warm almond milk and banana slices.  I know it doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t even taste a little good. But I eat it everyday because it has less sugar than most other cereals and it has a ridiculous amount of protein.

But I think I’ve reached my breaking point. Breakfast used to be my favorite meal of the day and I just can’t eat. another. fibrous. soy. twig.


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